September 21- September 25

Did you know you can make graphs/charts in Google Sheets?  Your children are creating these graphs in class this week.

In 4th grade classes, we discussed the colors of the visible light spectrum ROYGBIV, refraction, and chose our favorite colors from these colors (we added pink also).   The students entered the data into a Google Sheet, and then we discussed which graph was appropriate to use to display the data.  Students then got to customize their graphs with proper axis labels for the variables and insert the graph into the sheet to compare the data.

In 5th grade classes, students are beginning to study biomes.  Each group of 4 students entered data displaying the average yearly climate (temperatures and precipitation) for the six different biomes: Grassland, Desert, Deciduous Forest, Rainforest,  Taiga, and Tundra.  They then created a combined graph with a left axis, right axis, and proper titles and axis names. They inserted this graph into the original sheet with the data, and then it was printed to be able to further discussion in science classes.