October 20-23

This has been a very productive and innovative week in the Integrated Technology Lab!  Fourth graders finished their Safety Posters done in Google Drawings.  The requirements were a title, a picture, and two pieces of advice about staying safe online that the student would give to a new 4th or 5th grade student coming to KIS.  There were some very unique designs!  Along with this project, students were required to “turn in” their Google Drawing to Google Classroom.  Students are becoming very versed in this platform.

The 5th graders have been working on their Ecosystem project.  What once was a poster and printed out map project done collaboratively in the classroom, is now a map done in Google My Maps, a food web done in a LucidChart template, and both inserted into a Google Slideshow.  All of this is done collaboratively in the Integrated Technology Lab.  The kids are very excited about this project, and it is really fun to see their energy and joy when they are creating!