November 2-November 6

Google My Maps is the hot topic for 4th graders this week!  The students are learning how to plot certain locations and find the distances between them, how long it would take to walk, bike, or drive to these locations, and learning the different maps that are available to them.  This week, students place marked KIS and the Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop.  The scenario was given that they were going to ride their bikes to the Popcorn Shop, so they needed to know how far it was to get there and how long it would take.  Next week, we will use the same program, and students will map George Washinton’s crossing of the Delaware and moving on to Trenton, NJ, as students have read in the novel,  George Washington’s Socks in their ELA classes.  Finally, the last week before Thanksgiving break, students will use their skills taught in the previous two weeks to create a Google Tour in the eyes of George Washington.  They will map the crossing and add photos and even videos.

The 5th grade students are adding the finishing touches to their Google Slideshow presentations on their ecosystem.  This project was a challenge, yet so many technical and collaborative skills were learned and utilized.  The students are looking forward to presenting their finished products with the rest of their classmates in science classrooms.