November 16-20

Google Tour Builder was the focus this week for both grade levels.  Tour Builder is like a “Google Slides” or “PowerPoint” for maps.  It’s basically a way to present maps in a formal way.  The Fourth graders chose a character from the book and mapped their journey.  I’m hoping to see the Google My Maps work or this Google Tour embedded in their Tackks!

The Fifth graders were given a couple of choices for ideas of their maps.  Some chose different mountains they would like to visit, some performed a Google Search and found areas of the world that really needed medical aid and mapped those areas, some chose different national parks, and others mapped places they would like to visit.

We used the Mozilla Firefox web browser since it will allow Google Earth to perform in 3D during the tour.  The kids were amazed at the movement and the “street” view.  They enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower up close and personal.