February 1-February 5

Welcome, February!

This week, we began to build the foundations for the solution and patent search for the Invention Convention.  In both 4th and 5th grades, students filled out a  Google Form of 3 questions so I could gauge what they already knew about patents, copyright, and trademarks.  Did you know that a patent is only good for 20 years???!!! Only 24% of KIS students got this question correct.  About 62% thought it was good forever.

Students then moved at their own pace watching 3 videos distributed through Google Classroom to learn more about these three ways our ideas are protected.  Then, some explored a website that showcases a wacky patent each month and has archives of these dated back to 1995.  Some were pretty wacky!  A bird diaper!?!?!?! Really!?!

Next week, students will work with their teachers and in the Integrated Technology class to think of solutions and check to be sure that solution does not already exist as a patent.