February 22-February 26

Last week, all KIS students worked on finding solutions to their chosen problems for the Invention Convention.  They also completed Google Patent Searches (the United States Patent & Trademark Office website is not kid friendly), used Google Images, tried Kids InfoBits, and searched different retailer sites.

This week, students are coming up with catchy names for their inventions.  They are also coming up with sketches (to be placed on their trifold boards for the final presentation) with the name of their invention and materials listed (remember, the prototype DOES NOT have to be working).  Lastly, we discussed how trademarks are also protected under the same law that patents are.  I challenged the students to create their own trademark whether it be a logo, branding, or character to represent their invention.  They could sketch this on paper or complete it in Google Drawings or another program.  They are having fun!