March 14-March 18

This week, KIS is packing our bags! We will be leaving 44023 on a virtual field trip of each student’s choice! They will choose either Our Solar System, Mount Everest, The White House, or The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Students will also fill out a Google Form at the end of class asking them to rate their trip and write about what they learned at the end of the class period.  

*Actual Student Responses: 

-I learned so much about the Natural History Museum! I also really loved the tour of the White House.
-I learned that Mt Everest’s glaciers supply over 2.billion people.
-One thing I learned is that there are towns on Mount Everest.
-Mt. Everest is bigger than I thought.
-Something I learned about the solar system is, that the core of some planets is huge! Another fact is, there is an ice mantle made of water, ammonia, methane ices!
-Two things i learned is that people live on Mount Everest and that Mountain Everest is 290,028 feet.
-Today I learned that Mount Everest Takes a very long time to climb!! It takes about two months! Its just crazy! I would be tired after 15 minutes of climbing. I don’t know how people are able to climb Mount Everest. That is what I learned today about Mount Everest. I have learned a lot more but it make take me a long time to write it all if I even try.