April 18-April 22

Our 4th Grade students are beginning a research project on Ohio Inventors.  A good way to start researching is using databases.  We discussed why we should use a database for research instead of an Internet search.  Students also learned how to save the URL of an article in National Geographic Kids and paste it into a document for further study.  Lastly, the students also learned how to save articles and documents from Kids InfoBits into their Google Drives.

The 5th Graders are just beginning to study the novel,  Code Talkers in their classes.  In class, they are given this scenario.

“You are one of the original 29 Code Talkers for WWII. The current President of the U.S. (President Johnston) wants you to create some kind of monument, flag, or memoriam at one of the locations where Code Talkers were heavily used. Complete the Webquest in the link below to begin your task.”

  They are just getting started and are having a lot of fun and having the highest respect for our Navajo Code Talkers.