September 6-September 9

The fourth grade students are getting faster and faster logging in to their Google Drives and getting into the Google Classroom to read the goals for the day!  This week, students focused on safety on the Internet.  They watched a screen cast to explain to them what to do for the day.  They then viewed a couple of videos and responded to some questions, which were turned in to the Google Classroom.  Lastly, students completed a lesson in the platform which has a very extensive safety curriculum.  We will continue to talk about safety all year.

Our 5th grade students worked on creating Growth Mindset posters using Google Drawings.  They were reminded of using Transparent PNG images (from a lesson they completed last year.) Again, they watched a screen cast to learn how to perform certain actions.  Students were urged to create a QR code linked to a video exemplifying Growth Mindset philosophies.  Many posters will be printed and displayed across the building.  Again, students turned in these pieces through Google Classroom.


Happy TE@CHing!