September 26-September 30

I can’t believe we are in our last week of September!  Fourth grade students are finishing up their safety posters using Google Drawings.  They are learning a lot by watching the screencast and discovering on their own the different tools Google Drawings has to offer.  Students are also finishing up some activities, and those who finish early are discovering a PBS website on being a Webonaut on the Internet.

KIS 5th graders are starting to integrate science work into our class.  This week, students are learning how to graph within Google Sheets.  Each group has been given different data on the climate of a biome.  Biomes used are: taiga, tundra, deciduous forest, tropical rainforest, grassland, and desert.  We discussed that the two things that make up climate are temperature and precipitation (snow included!) Students then worked together, watched a screencast, followed a directions sheet, or a combination or all of these methods to begin to enter the data of the temperature precipitation for each biome.  When these are finished, they will print these out and continue to discuss their different climate graphs in their science classes.  A larger project will be coming next week as well!