November 7-November 11

KIS Fourth Graders learned the term “Conditional Formating” with Google Sheets this week.  Students learned how to create a Pixel Art Picture on a 10×10 template created by our Integrated Technology Director, Andreas Johansson.  The students followed a screencast about how to create the picture (and were given a link to visit for ideas), and created some amazing pictures!  Included in this lesson, was discussion about different ways to describe a set of numbers: sum, average, mode, and median. Some students took it to another level and followed the Challenge screencast to create more colors.


Fifth Graders are working on finishing up their Ecosystem Projects.  This is the last class period students will be working on this project.  Students are encouraged to finish at home, and have also been offered time to come in to the lab during their lunch and/or recess times.  Students who finished adding the “bells and whistles” to their project have been invited to take part in the Pixel Art lesson the 4th graders worked on this week.  The 5th grade will be doing a Pixel Project later in the year as well.