October 31-November 4

Digital Collaboration is the way of the future!  This week, Fourth Graders viewed a short video and completed a Learning.com lesson on this theme.  After students finished, they were invited to explore a “Magnetic Poetry Style” activity for fall.  The idea is a Google Drawing has a background, but there are over 30 different words to create a poem.  They had a blast!

The 5th graders are still working on their projects and creating the map as a transparent PNG image to add to the slide.  This week, we discussed how to set the “edit rights” for their projects so people outside of the “Kenstonapps” domain can view their projects.  They also filled out a Google Form collecting the URLs of each projects, which I then shared the sheet with the students’ science teachers for easy presentation.  Students are adding very nice features to their slideshows!