December 5-December 9

Fourth Graders are continuing to work on their landform slideshows.  This project is very closely linked to the research project all 4th graders are completing in their classes.  I am teaching them how a research paper differs from a Google Slideshow presentation as well.  Students will be working on this next week as well.

Fifth Graders are exploring a science “Googlink” that I created and also creating their own.  A Googlink is a Google Drawing which is hyperlinked to different concepts as a video, sound file, link, activity, or even another Google Application like a Google Doc.  Students are exploring the science one I created (below-click on the image to visit and try for yourself!) and creating one on information they have already learned, or even information they will learn in the future.  This could be in math, science, ELA, s.s., music, art, library, P.E., or concepts learned in Integrated Technology.