Sept. 18-Sept. 22

Our 4th Graders are learning some INFOhio resources this week!  This includes, Storia, Book Nook, and a review of BookFLIX.  Students have been given a username and a password to be able to add to their “bookshelf” in Storia.  Many students are also interested in creating their own book trailer, as kids across the state of Ohio have in Book Nook.  It was fun exploring!

Fifth Graders have been reading, “The Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe” by Loree Griffin Burns, and learning how to decipher non-fiction text.  In Integrated Technology, students were reminded of INFOhio resources and other new current event .org resources.  Combined with the study of the book, students researched this bee catastrophe to create a poster in Google Drawings to educate and persuade the world to help save the bees and why we need to do so!