Oct.9-Oct. 13

KIS 4th graders are finishing up their Landform Visual Dictionaries this week.  Along with all of the inserting of images and videos, they were introduced to animating images and slide transitions.  They are getting really creative!

Our 5th graders are beginning a longer project on land biomes.  Within this project, students are asked to use Google Slides, but not in the traditional “presentation” method.  They have choices to create a Jeopardy board, Choose Your Own Adventure Story, Interactive Quiz, to name a few.  Students will map their biome of study in Google My Maps and embed it on the slide of choice.  A food web will be created using Lucid Chart Diagrams.  The Green Screen will also be a choice to show knowledge of biome characteristics as well.   All of these standards fit with science and technology courses of study and sure to pack a lot of fun!