Happy New Year! August 16-August 22

Welcome Back!

This week in Integrated Technology, students were able to check out the Media Center!  We are very fortunate to be able to have 6 collaboration/sharing stations with 2 Elo boards, a Smart Board, 2 projectors, a big TV screen with HDMI Chrome Book hook up, and another TV screen with Chrome Cast.  We also have a green screen room, where students will be able to use an iPad and our Pad Caster complete with speakers, teleprompter, lights, and other equipment.

Students learned about how Integrated Technology class will work with library check out.  They got to meet our librarian, Mrs. Sanders, and check out books.  So many students took advantage of the many new titles added this summer! Students also enrolled in the Integrated Technology Google Classroom and filled out a Google Form titled, “All About Me.” Remember, “When in Tech, Book Check!”