Week #8: October 8-October 15

This week, 4th Grade Students are working on an Internet Safety Form and also creating either an Internet Safety Poster or Meme in Google Drawings.  This lesson is a challenge for submission to Google Classroom, creating a project, layering in Google Drawings, and so much more.  It is a fun lesson!

Our 5th Grade Students are working through the first few lessons of the Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals Course F.  This course provides “Unplugged” and “Plugged” activities relating to coding, algorithms, programming, designing, and so on.  This week, students were robots and programmers.  They got a chance to write a program for cup stacks that the robot “friend” would follow.  Some programs needed to be “debugged” which resulting in re-thinking and changing the algorithm.  This design thinking was so much fun! Our 4th Grade Students will be working through Course E.