Week #11: October 30-November 6

NOVEMBER!! How are we here already?! Time flies when you are having fun!! 🙂

This week our 4th Grade Students are beginning Course E in our code.org Computer Science curriculum.  They learned the beginning of algorithms of programming doing a lesson called, “My Robotic Friends.” Students were programmers and robots decoding and debugging codes their classmates wrote for different cup configurations.  They are having a blast while learning!

KIS 5th graders began a project combining technology and music.  They are reviewing the databases available to them through INFOhio and our Kenston Libraries website.  We discuss what the difference is between a database and a website,  and searching vs. researching.  These skills are so important for our students!  Then, they used those databases to research World Cultures in music, as this is what they have been studying with Miss Mason in class.