Week #12 and #13: November 7-November 20

Our 4th grade students are enjoying working through a Google Slideshow and writing persuasive letters to ME to urge me to not eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  They watch a series of videos where they learn about persuasive letters, voice, turkeys in general, and much more.  Then, in groups, they write a rough draft.  Lastly, students take turns typing this letter into a Gmail message to me.  They will receive a reply!

Fifth grade students are working on a collaborative presentation where they choose the tool: slide, drawing, letter etc…. The topic is People in Technology.  They have to research different laws in technology, pros and cons of technology through the ages, what other occupations use technology, how technology affects individuals, to name a few.

Both groups of students are working on these projects up until the Thanksgiving Break.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!