Week #33-#36 April and May

There are so many activities and schedule changes in April and May!

Our 4th Grade Students have had experiences the last few weeks with some new technologies! They learned about the Quiver, Augmented Reality App. In this app, pages are printed out in advance, and students color the paper. Once that is completed, the page is scanned with one of the apps: Quiver, Quiver Education, or Quiver Masks. The pages come to life! Students also learned about inventors by scanning QR codes. The favorite, though I think, was the Ozobots! Students used color codes to program these tiny bots. Many made their own designs!

Fourth graders also had time to clear out Gmail and organize their Google Drives. For the final project of the year, students are choosing to create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story or a “Hero Comic Strip.” Both use Google Slides as the tool, but have more advanced “bells and whistles.”

Our 5th Grade Students also revisited Quiver and reviewed some science standards using QR code task cards. They also have created mini-green screen stories! They were able to build with Legos, use mini figures, green straws and gloves, green folders and green spray painted boxes to serve as the mini-stage. Using the DoInk app, students added their videos to the background and exported them and uploaded them to their Google Drives. So much fun!

Fifth graders, just like the 4th graders, were given time to clear out Gmail and organize their Google Drives. The last project students are focusing on is creating a Google Site with content they have learned this year. It’s been great!